All security officers are registered with the Private Security Industry Regulator Authority (PSIRA). Each employee has received full security clearance and has undergone the required training relevant to the level of certification granted by PSIRA.

At ABS Security Group we realise the importance of providing our staff with the skills development opportunities.

Training is a vital component in ensuring personnel are adequately equipped to provide our clients with excellent service levels.

The security personnel are the foundation of the organisation. The ABS Security Group believes that keeping the guard happy will result in them becoming assets to both your organisation and ours.

Security officers are selected on the evaluation and specific needs of the site. We maintain a high standard and staff are required to meet the following minimum criteria:

  • Recruits are expected to meet the company’s standards pertaining to personal health, hygiene, fitness and personal appearance
  • The security applicant is required to have an original and valid South African Identity Document and or a valid documentations as per home affairs requirements
  • All security applicants are required to meet a certain standard in both written and spoken English
  • Employment contracts for potential recruits are only formalised once a PSIRA clearance has been obtained

The ABS Security Group adheres to a self–posting policy but carry a complement of dedicated reserve staff. We ensure that fully trained staff are always made available to our clients for relief purposes and for any absenteeism