The security of your staff and property is a serious matter, and takes great consideration when choosing the correct security company.

ABS is a South African established privately owned Company with:

  • PSIRA Accreditation
  • Increased levels of Service Delivery
  • Our Top Management is easily accessible to our clients
  • Quick response time
  • Cost Effective services
  • Immediate value added decisions made efficiently

As Added Value:

  • Our service delivery excellence are firmly entrenched throughout the company
  • ABS is committed in exceeding client requirements and meeting expectations
  • We have a well-established and stable management team with years of experience in the security industry.


At ABS Security Group we pride ourselves in being efficient and effective and this due to our continuous pledge to drive service excellence. read more…


All security officers are registered with the Private Security Industry Regulator Authority (PSIRA). Each employee has received full security clearance and has undergone the required training relevant to the level of certification granted by PSIRA. read more…


The security personnel are the foundation of the organisation. The ABS Security Group believes that keeping the guard happy will result in them becoming assets to both your organisation and ours. read more…